Hot-stamping (gilding), also called thermal printing or hot-printing, is a printing technique that uses hot-stamping films and convex dies, made from heat conductive material. The die is heated to approximately 100°C. When the die comes in contact with a PET film, the adhesive layer is heated up, the glue becomes active in the places corresponding to the shape of the die and is bonded to the hot-stamped surface with a layer of lacquer and aluminium. Gilding is used in print finishing, decorating, labelling, print protection (especially using holographic films).

Our company has three hot stamping machines, including automatic ones working with B2 and B1 formats. Equipping the machine with a module for hot-stamping holographic film is an absolutely novel idea. Holograms on metallised films with unique patterns applied, using hot-stamping techniques, are a vital means of protecting genuine products, e.g. to safeguard prints from counterfeiting attempts. The machine is equipped with a new Transcend 09 system that detects and controls the location of the hologram. It provides diagnostic capabilities and precise positioning of a hologram in relations to the prints and the dies.